S e l e c t e d   P r o j e c t s

A b o u t


Capital One iOS Intern
SWE intern for auto-finance team resulting in $1 million+ in new loans within 8 weeks


Side Project
Bool lets students meet friend circles or “squads” without planning in advance


14 Hacks. 10 Apps. 8 Wins.
Take agile approach towards 24-hour projects and set team sprints for MVP


Bits and Bytes: Fight or Flight
“The words hi and bye have been replaced by Wi and Fi...Memorizing the periodic table...in row by column matrix classrooms do not prepare students to enter today’s workforce...”


Main Keynote
@ my univerity’s endowment gala on culture and career empowerment

M i l e s t o n e s


Feb '20

Current Start-up
Chief technical officer for a digital marketing agency LLC


Sep '19

Clinton Foundation
1st place IBM's Call for Code: attend Clinton Global Initiative in Scotland


Apr '19

Google Cloud Ambassador
Led GCP stack workshops to 300+ students/professionals


Sep '18

First Bootcamp
Exposed to iOS development from lead teams in San Fransisco


Nov '18

Zuck Squad
Coach select underclassmen to help land tech internships


May '18

First Start-up
Lean start-ups cohort for funded group-to-group crowdsourcing idea


Oct '17

First Hackathon
Photoshopped mobile app on Instagram micro-influencer services


Apr '17

TEDx Director
Fundraised $1.5K+, led 4 subteams, sold-out event 180+ attendees


May '16

First website
Designed website for entrepreneurship club (President ‘15)