Selected Projects


Connecting rideshare users to split Uber/Lyft at metro price.


Capital One iOS Intern
Notify and visualize closest bookmarked cars on map for auto-finance customers.


JP Morgan Coorporate Hack
Overall second place from 100+ participants for simplifying partner NGO’s website


Main Keynote
@ my univerity’s endowment gala on culture and career empowerment.


“The words hi and bye have been replaced by Wi and Fi...Memorizing the periodic row by column matrix classrooms do not prepare students to enter today’s workforce...”
- Bits and Bytes: Fight or Flight


Google Student Innovator
Helping campus peers grasp google Firestore other cloud features


Jul '11

Hafidh Graduation
Recognized for memorizing the Quran in Arabic.

May '16

First website
Designed static site for entrepreneurship club (President ‘15).

Apr '17

TEDx Director
Sold-out 180+ attendees, collected $1.5K+ from sponsors, led 4 teams.

Oct '17

First Hackathon
Photoshopped mobile app on Instagram micro-influencer services.

May '18

Venture Funding
Recieved stipend for group-to-group reserving public parks project.

Nov '18

Zuck Squad
Reached out to select underclassmen to help land summer internships.

Aug '18

Business Scholarship
Awarded $5000 to 4 students in Economics / BBA program.

Apr '19

Football Captain
Co-founded neighborhood league with 25+ players and 20+ games.

July '19

First App
Soon available on app store. Chip-in helps friends "chip-in" on a night out.